Jul 18, 2012

On 16

Can we walk together for the last time?
Just once before I leave the place forever?

Though memories of all the walks are still alive in me and will there be,
I just want the last so that I can call it the last one!

I just want to breathe you for the last time;
Want to feel the warmth of your palm for once.

Just want to behold your eyes glittering in the dim,
Just the sounds of the anklets for once!

Would you be kind enough to usher this small favor?
Would you allow if I be the poorest beggar and beg the savor?

I know now I won't find the passion that was once there!
Now I know the pure love that was there will be missing.

Still I'm craving as I know this would be the last one!
As I know we won't be able to see each other anymore.

Do you still remember those empty boulevards in the nights?
Do you still see those swelling mansions bright in the streetlights?

Do you still remember the things I used to say about the houses and the playground?
Do you still remember the method I used in cold to warm your palms?

Do you still remember the lock that used to hang from the electric cable?
Do you still remember the dog that used to stare when we seated at the teashop?

Perhaps all the frames have erased from your brains!
Perhaps the D-day will help you pull me out from your sense.

Perhaps new faces will occupy the place!
Perhaps new friends will help banish the FACE!

Perhaps new obsessions will inhabit your imagination!
Perhaps fresh stories will be into motion!

I don’t care how things will take shape in future if you agree to the walk.
Don’t bother where time will take if I can save the last moments forever!

Who knows if you start feeling the same that used to once!
Who knows if the Old Wizard turns out something by playing some tricks!

There is still some hope amid sea of hopelessness;
However, I’m just hopeful of the last walk together!