Apr 10, 2012

She - along with her might and pride

She chased me all the way back home..I could easily feel her presence at a short distance behind me... She, with her all might and vigor, tried to catch me all through.. Sometimes, she, gathering some courage and pace, came few steps ahead, and sometimes, fell behind. But don't know why she couldn't, though there was plenty of time. Or, did she maintained the distance intentionally? It was not comprehensible at all.

I could easily hear her saying - "run, how fast you can, I'd make you fall, though". Was she a hitman hired by the Almighty? A curse? Was I fearful? But the fear was not at all justified - what I can realize now. It was just the fear that was dominant, and not she..

However, I came back home safely, perhaps. But why I still feel the whirling beauty of her inside me? Perhaps, there is no answer......