May 18, 2011

The Legend of Osama: A True Fiction

Osama has been hunted down but this CIA operation has left a few questions unanswered. Osama has played a role somewhat similar to that of hitler in a different era. The most powerful nation of the 21st century has never tried so hard and never invested so much wealth and energy to destroy a single man. Never before the Americans had spent a whole decade to combat a single entity; a man who had destroyed their pride (The Twin Towers) 10 years beck. Ironically, Osama had to die as his kidneys were failing rapidly and he was just alive on dialysis. This made his captivation more certain as it strictly narrowed his mobility. The questions that arise now are: Why did a kid born with a golden spoon in his mouth chose to become the most dreaded terrorist of all time? And how did he evade captivation for so long?

If we peep into his experiences, we can easily find out the answers. Osama used to be an ordinary teenager like other wealthy Saudis who used to visit the mountains above Beirut just for the sake of recreation in summers. He began to change when he joined King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah in the year 1975. There he came in touch of Islamic Radicalisms after the defeat of Nasser and his disgrace in the war against Israel in 1967. He was such a sensitive individual that shortly after finishing his study at the university, he joined the rebels (Jihadis) against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

While fighting as an Arab mujahideen during this decade long war, he came into contact with Ayman al Zawahiri, the head of Islamic Jihad in Egypt, and Abdullah Azzam from Palestine. Al Qaeda was the outcome of this long association.