Feb 24, 2012

On 24th

Why am I trembling? Why I’m feeling so cold? Isn't it March?
Yes Sir, it is. Perhaps you've caught cold.

Why I find it so hard to swallow? Why does it hurt so? Is the cook a raw recruit?
No Sir, he isn't. Perhaps you haven’t eaten for long.

Why don’t the flowers smell? Why do they look pale? Is the flower girl young?
No Sir, she is one of the oldest. Perhaps you're exhausted.

Why does it fear to walk alone? Who seems to cry in my ears? Is the road full of white ladies?
No Sir, there aren't any. Perhaps you have been tricked shortly.

Why it feels good to be humble? Why it’s ecstatic to forgive? Am I turning frenzy?
No Master, you're not! Perhaps you're in love.