Aug 9, 2011

A Few Things to Share..

Mainak Banerjee
Hello everybody! Hope you are doing well. Today I'm not going to write anything serious, and make you feel bore. Rather, I wanna share something with you. Yes, there is an obvious purpose behind. 

Actually, I want to let you people know that I've not stopped writing, though I've not published anything in my blog since May 18. In fact, I'm now focusing on working as an Web Journalist. Please don't laugh. I really want your support to succeed. I know that I know nothing about Journalism. But since David Silverberg, the Managing Editor of Digital Journal has told me that I've a good journalistic nose, I've become somewhat proud.

Well. let's come to the point. Recently two news articles written by me have been published in two reputed news websites of the US and UK respectively. To be very frank, I'm very much delighted over the success. I've never thought in my life that somebody would appreciate my piece and would publish it in a reputable news site.

I'm not going to elaborate it anymore and would like to show you the articles. Please visit the links provided below to have a glimpse of the articles.

The Economic Voice 

NASA: Images Reveal Signs of Flowing Water in Mars

New Jersey Newsroom

I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks for your time!!