Aug 13, 2010

My Oscillatory Personality..

Often I've been in an oscillating stage, rather indecisive. It is robust incomprehension that lessened my entire trust upon myself. It was a time when I had decent space to nurture my thoughts, my aspirations. Belief was the key in those days. I used to roll then from place to place, willfully neglecting all the earthly concerns. Now the days have changed...myself at sea...baffled. Anyone who wanna draw me as an escapist...may gladly.

Though I'm not providing any excuse to protest my escapist nature, even I'm not an escapist in the true sense of the term. And consciously I'm not a John Keats. Rather, sometimes I feel it is really worthy to become free from the confining society & lead a life similar that of A Robinson Crusoe kind. A complete freedom, refreshening Your soul completely becomes in your grasp. You can let it wander when it wants..and can't spoil it by the cattivo odore of society.